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Sts. Cyprian, Martyr and Justina, Virgin and Martyr

Christians of Antioch who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Diocletian at Nicomedia, 26 September, 304, the date in September being afterwards made the day of their feast. Cyprian was a heathen magician of Antioch who had dealing with demons. By their aid he sought to bring St. Justina, a Christian virgin, to ruin; but she foiled the threefold attacks of the devils by the sign of the cross. Brought to despair Cyprian made the sign of the

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All day adoration

Join us for Eucharistic Adoration (for vocations and families) on Thursday 5th October from 1030am. Be here with Our Lord Jesus Christ for some part of the day. Could you not watch one hour with me?

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Our Lady of Ransom

The story of Our Lady of Ransom begins with St. Peter Nolasco, born in Languedoc about 1189. At the age of 25 he took a vow of chastity and made over his vast estates to the Church. After making a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Montserrat, he went to Barcelona where he began to practice various works of charity. He conceived the idea of establishing an Order for the redemption of captives seized by the Moors on the seas and in Spain itself; they were

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St Linus, Pope and Martyr

Pope Linus was by birth a native of Velletri in Tuscany, and was the immediate successor of Peter in the government of the Church. His faith and holiness were such that he not only cast out devils, but also raised the dead. He wrote the acts of Blessed Peter, and especially the history of his strife with Simon Magus. He forbade women to enter the Church without having a veil upon their heads. His own head was cut off, on account of his firmness in

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St Thomas of Villanova, Bishop Confessor
Sept. 22 - St. Thoma_931326

Thomas was born of good parents in the town of Fuentellana in the diocese of Toledo, Spain. From his earliest years, he shewed the greatest devotion and the singular kindness toward the poor of which his whole future life was to give such shining examples. For, as a boy, more than once he took off his own garments to clothe the naked ; and as a young man, after his father's death, he gave his whole inheritance for the support of needy girls. When

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