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St Anthony Mary Claret, Bishop and Confessor

He was born at Sallent in Catalonia. After becoming a priest he spent several years preaching to the people throughout Catalonia and also in the Canary Islands. Returning to Spain, he established a missionary order, and founded a great religious library and publishing house in Barcelona which published millions of cheap copies of ancient and modern Catholic works. In 1851 the Pope appointed him Bishop of Santiago de Cuba. The diocese was in a terrible

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From the Martyrology

Today is a Ferial day in the calendar and therefore no Saint or Blessed is commemorated in the Mass or the Divine Office. However, inscribed in the Martyrologium Romanum (The Roman Martyrology) for the 22nd October, amongst others, is St Mary Salome. She was the wife of Zebedee and the mother of St James the Great and St John the Evangelist. One of the women who ministered to Christ during his public ministry, she also witnessed His crucifixion,

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St Ursula and Companions, Virgin Martyrs

St Ursula and her companions are commemorated today at Low Masses and at Lauds in the Breviarium Romanum. The fantastic legend from the 4th century, as fully developed alleges that she was a British virgin who was about to be married when a storm drove her and 11,000 virgin companions on board a ship to the Low Countries. They visited Rome before returning to Cologne and being martyred by the Huns. The basis of this story is an inscription (circa

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St Hilarion, Abbot

St Hilarion was a founder of the anchoritic life in Palestine; born at Tabatha, south of Gaza, Palestine, about 291; died in the island of Cyprus about 371. The chief source of information regarding St Hilarion is the biography written by St. Jerome. St Hilarion was the son of pagan parents. The date of his birth is ascertained from the statement of Jerome, that Hilarion, at the death of Anthony (356), was 65 years old. As a boy St Hilarion's parents

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Newsletter – 20th Sunday after Pentecost

[caption id="attachment_8766" align="aligncenter" width="553"] XX Sunday after Pentecost - 22nd October 2017[/caption]

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