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St Catherine of Sienna, Virgin

  St Catherine was the next to youngest of a family of twenty five children. From a very early age Catherine experienced visions and was able to see guardian angels as clearly as the people they guarded. She had may visions throughout her life, especially of Our Blessed Lord and His holy Mother. She joined the Dominican order and lived a life of extreme mortification, once fasting from Ash Wednesday to Ascension Thursday, living only on the

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St Torpes, Martyr

At Pisa in Tuscany, the martyr St. Torpes, who filled a high office in the court of Nero, and was one of those of whom the apostle wrote from Rome to the Philippians: "All the saints salute you, especially those that are of the house of Caesar." For the faith of Christ, he was, by order of Satellicus, beaten, cruelly scourged, and delivered to the beasts to be devoured, but remained uninjured. He completed his martyrdom by being beheaded in AD 65.

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St Paul of the Cross, Priest and Confessor

He was born at Ovada in Liguria. As a young man he helped his father, who was a merchant. He aspired to a perfect life, abandoned all his possessions and started to live in the service of the poor and sick. He gathered companions to help him in the task. He became a priest and worked more and more for the salvation of souls. He set up houses for his congregation and devoted himself to apostolic labours. He inflicted harsh penances on himself. He

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