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St Philip Neri, Confessor

St Philip came from a good family. He was born on the 2rd July 1516. Even as a very young child he showed signs of the holiness to which he would attain in later years. He gave up a large inheritance from his uncle and travelled to Rome to study philosophy and theology. He dedicated his whole life to Christ. He would sometimes fast for three days, eating nothing. He prayed and watched before the Blessed Sacrament as often as he could and made pilgrimages

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St Gregory, Pope and Confessor
Gregory VII

Pope Gregory was born in Tuscany, Italy. He excelled in holiness and learning and in all the virtues and was an example to all. He became a religious in the monastery in Cluny where his devotion and dedication were such that he was chosen as Prior by his fellow monks. Later he became Abbot of St Paul outside the walls. He was appointed Cardinal and  then unanimously elected Pope. He was a zealous defender of the Faith and the freedom of the Church

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Our Lady Help of Christians

It is said that during the terrible Battle of Lepanto the Turkish fleet saw a terrible lady in the sky. She looked so fiercely upon the Muslims that their hearts quailed within them and they fled. She was not seen by the Catholic fleet but only by the Turks. Pius V attributed the victory to Our Blessed Lady and added "Our Lady Help of Christians" to the Litany of Loreto. The feast of Our Lady Help of Christians was instituted by Pius VII after she

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St John Baptist de Rosi, Confessor

St. John Baptist de Rossi was born near Genoa in 1698. John was a child of exceptional piety and gentleness. He travelled to Rome to study at the Roman College under the Jesuits. He greatly desired to become a priest but suffered from epilepsy which would normally preclude him from ordination. However, he was granted a dispensation and so was ordained in 1722. he resolved never to accept any ecclesiastical honours unless ordered to do so. He worked

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St Rita of Cascia, Widow
St Rita of Cascia

St Rita was born in 1457. She was married while very young to a violent and brutal man and she strove hard for 18 years to bring about his conversion whilst being at all times a model wife and excelling in virtue. Her husband was murdered. Her sons also died and St Rita became an Augustinian Sister. She was renowned for her mortifications and for the efficacy of her prayers. She had a wound in her forehead which was a partial stigmata. St Rita, pray

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