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The crossbearer's role is the simplest of the roles upon the altar. However,  it is placed above the role of acolyte, as it is the crossbearer who bears the image of Christ. The processional cross is one of the marks of the Pontifical Mass.  Indeed, in the older rubrics books, this was almost the only time when the processional cross would appear! At other non-pontifical events, it is the role of the Subdeacon to bear the cross during processions.

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Tuesday 22nd July

Tuesday was such a beautiful day and Canon was really pleased to inspect the building work so far.

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Dome Building works update 23/7/2014

Another week goes by and so much of the roof and pointing works has been done. The roof is now on its final sections, the lower sections still covered by the scaffold and the rain water gullies will be next. To finish these the scaffold has to be removed and altered plus the Narthex roof will also be covered the same as the Nave roof when the scaffold is altered. The last section on the main roof will be completed when these are done to avoid damage

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Boat Bearer
Boat Boy

The boat bearer, more commonly known as "the boat boy", is in charge of bringing the incense to and from the altar alongside the thurifer who brings the thurible. The name has its origin in history, as the incense containers were shaped in the form of a boat. This continues the image of the incense being a type of our prayer ascending to God. Just as the Church is the ship guiding us to Heaven, so the incense, as our prayer, is brought in the boat

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