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Newsletter – 7th Sunday after Pentecost – 23 July

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St Laurence of Brindisi, Confessor and Doctor

Born in Brindisi near Naples, Laurence was a Capuchin who became superior of the whole order.  A great preacher, Laurence laboured throughout Italy and Europe, and was employed by Popes for important missions.  One acheivement of these missions was the joining forces of the Christian Princes against the invading Turkish armies.  During a battle in Hungary, with the Christain armies outnumbered 80,000 to 18,000,  Laurence rode before the troops

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St Jerome Emiliani, Confessor

Founder of the Order of Somascha, Jerome was born in 1481 in Venice of a noble Venetian family.  He was ordained priest in 1518, and spent his time ministering to the poor, showing particular zeal, like St Camillus de Lellis, for those stricken by the plaugue, and for orphans.  He had charge of St Cajetan's hospital for incurable diseases, and himself erected hospitals and orhanages.  He founded the Order of Somascha in 1532, near Milan, the rule

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St Vincent de Paul, Confessor

St Vincent, a Frenchman, was born near Dax in Gascony in 1576.  Endowed with a love for the poor from his youth, he whent to school in Dax, and studied theology in Toulouse and Saragossa.  He was ordinained priest in 1605.  Kidnapped by the Mahammedans, he was sold as a slave in Africa, converting his owner back to the faith of Christ.  Vincent returned to France, and became rector of the parish of Clich and then Chatillon.  He then became the

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Vintage bus to the Dome of Home [New Family Audio Tour]
Vintage Bus - Low resolution

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