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Sponsor our camera page and help us to illuminate the Dome, a beacon for New Brighton's night sky to rival the Liverpool waterfront. By becoming a sponsor of the Dome of Home, you will not only demonstrate your commitment to local heritage and position your brand in a philanthropic light, you will also benefit from the extensive visitors who will view activities on the waterfront, such as the Three Queens and the Tall Ships. All visitors from across

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The Dome at night
DSC02509 S Billington Night from Our Lady's statue

Moonlight illuminations! Photos by Steve Billington.

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Proposals to Illuminate the Dome

Illuminate the Dome of Home as a Beacon of Hope for Wirral Following massive community support for Wirral Borough Council’s Love Wirral Grant, we have engaged Davies Partnership to develop proposals. The brief is... To Illuminate the green copper dome at night but minimise ‘Light Trespass’ and ‘Light Pollution’ using energy efficient lighting which is easy to use and switched on only when required. The proposal is... To install four, cool

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Commercial sponsorship needed to illuminate the Dome
Alex Ramsay

Ss Peter, Paul & Philomena’s Church has secured seed funding from Wirral Council's 'Love Wirral' Grant to flood-light The Dome enhancing Wirral’s night sky-line to echo the well-photographed waterfront on the opposite bank of the Mersey. We believe that illuminating the Dome will be a real investment for growing Wirral businesses, to draw even more visitors and trade to a regenerated New Brighton, in search of heritage, view and a peaceful

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