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St Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr
St Stanislaus.

  St Stanislaus was born in Poland in the tenth century. He was ordained a priest by Lambert, bishop of Kracow. Stanislaus was elected Bishop of Kracow after Lambert's death in 1072. St Stanislaus incurred the wrath of the Boleslaus, King of Poland by reprimanding him for his immoral lifestyle and refusing him communion. Boleslaus tried to discredit Stanislaus by accusing him of stealing land. Stanislaus was able to prove this to be untrue in a

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St Benedict, Abbot

St Benedict (480 - 547) Benedict was born in Nursia, in Umbria, and studied in Rome; but he was unable to stomach the dissolute life of the city, and he became a solitary hermit at Subiaco. His reputation spread, and some monks asked him to be their abbot, but they did not like the discipline he imposed and tried to poison him. Benedict organised various small communities of monks and nuns in various places, including the great monastery of Monte

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St Matthias, Apostle
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He was not one of the Twelve; but after the treachery and death of Judas Iscariot, someone was needed to take his place. Two candidates were selected, and lots were drawn to see which of them should be made one of the Twelve: the choice fell on Matthias. Nothing is known for certain about his subsequent history. Drawing lots to select a candidate for an office sounds strange to us, but it was a recognised Jewish custom: for example, the priest who

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St John of Matha, Priest and Confessor

John of Matha was born at Faucon in Provence of devout and noble parents. When he was celebrating his first Mass, he understood from a vision that he was to devote himself to ransoming those taken captives by the infidels. Because of this sign from God, he retired into the wilderness, where he found Felix of Valois, who had been living in that same place for many years. Here they both devoted themselves most fervently to prayer. After being advised

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St Anthony of Egypt, Abbot

When Anthony of Egypt entered a church and heard the words of the Gospel, "If you will be perfect, go, sell all that you have and give to the poor," he took them as if said to him personally, thinking that this is how Christ should be obeyed. And so, having sold his family possessions and distributed the money to the poor, he withdrew to the vast solitudes of Egypt. He was so fired with zeal for all virtues that, whenever he saw anyone praiseworthy

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