True Peace

Seek true peace, not upon earth, but in Heaven: not in men nor in other creatures, but in God alone.

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The Roman Martyrology

The Roman Martyrology is, like the Roman Missal and the Roman Breviary, an official liturgical book of the Catholic Church.  It provides an extensive but not exhaustive list of the saints recognized by the Church. The Roman Martyrology was first published in 1583 by Pope Gregory XIII, who in the year before had decreed the revision of the calendar that is called, after him, the Gregorian Calendar.  A second edition was published in the same year. 

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Shop : help required!

Can you give an hour or so during the week in the shop so that we can open and welcome visitors at other times? (Two volunteers will work together) Contact John to arrange times. Please complete rota in file on table at back of church for Friday-Sunday opening. Much of the stock has been donated and proceeds go towards the church restoration. Do you have any good quality traditional religious items that we could sell? Contact John on 0790 8219842.

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