Going To Confession

Kneel down and say: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been [one week, two months, ten years, etc.] since my last confession. The priest will give you a blessing; then you can begin your confession. It is necessary to confess ALL mortal sins committed since the last confession, being sure to name the sins as clearly as possible, including (at least approximately) the number of times these sins were committed. You may also confess any venial

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from the Lenten Pastoral Letter, March 2014, of the Rt. Rev. Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury “Do not be afraid of Confession!” Pope Francis says in his simple and direct teaching. “When one is line for Confession,” he reflects, we feel those things which weigh on our hearts; “but when one finishes Confession one leaves free, grand, beautiful, forgiven, candid, happy. This is the beauty of Confession!” This is the Sacrament which Christ

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