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Sponsor our camera page and help us to illuminate the Dome, a beacon for New Brighton’s night sky to rival the Liverpool waterfront.

By becoming a sponsor of the Dome of Home, you will not only demonstrate your commitment to local heritage and position your brand in a philanthropic light, you will also benefit from the extensive visitors who will view activities on the waterfront, such as the Three Queens and the Tall Ships. All visitors from across the world will have access to your company brand, offerings and website. Our webcams are unique with an impressive live feed of the river, offering your company a sought after platform that will advertise your brand and demonstrate your ethical commitment to local heritage overlooking a world heritage waterfront.

Our webcam page is already getting hundreds of hits daily. As publicity grows, interest in the camera views is increasing, culminating in a spectacular May Bank holiday weekend. When the Three Queens make their historic entrance into Liverpool, we expect millions of visitors to click the link to our cameras on their smart phones to follow their progress.

Sponsor the Illumination of the Dome of Home and advertise on this camera page. For more information phone 07743235046 or email contactus@domeofhome.org


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