Commercial sponsorship needed to illuminate the Dome

Alex Ramsay

Ss Peter, Paul & Philomena’s Church has secured seed funding from Wirral Council’s ‘Love Wirral’ Grant to flood-light The Dome enhancing Wirral’s night sky-line to echo the well-photographed waterfront on the opposite bank of the Mersey. We believe that illuminating the Dome will be a real investment for growing Wirral businesses, to draw even more visitors and trade to a regenerated New Brighton, in search of heritage, view and a peaceful retreat.

The first stage of this is to seek professional consultation and prepare an application to Historic Churches Committee, as the church is Grade II Listed and provide lighting scheme information to assist with Local Authority planning requirements. To that end, our architect, Adrian Swain, has engaged Davies M & E Partnership Electrical Consultants of Chester, at a cost of £1,500 .

The estimated cost to light up the Dome is over £10,000, much more than £500 available from the ‘Love Wirral Grant’. We have had some interest from a couple of electrical businesses who may be able to supply materials at cost for us and we are seeking to secure funding from the commercial sector for this high-profile project. We are appealing to local businesses that may be interested in helping and benefit from the publicity.

The church has recently been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant for Places of Worship to begin its restoration to repair the roof in May 2014. As part of this HLF project, the church has developed a Heritage Tour and nearly 1000 people have been guided round the church by volunteers since August 2013. The Guided Heritage Tour runs every week and the church is open for everyone, daily, 8am until 8pm.

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