Proposals to Illuminate the Dome

Illuminate the Dome of Home as a Beacon of Hope for Wirral

Following massive community support for Wirral Borough Council’s Love Wirral Grant, we have engaged Davies Partnership to develop proposals.

The brief is… To Illuminate the green copper dome at night but minimise ‘Light Trespass’ and ‘Light Pollution’ using energy efficient lighting which is easy to use and switched on only when required.

The proposal is… To install four, cool white, LED projectors, designed to project light only where required and a lifespan of at least 17 years, and aimed at the main Dome from the north and south to compliment the green of the copper. Sensors and timers will detect light levels to control output. In addition, further LEDs will be installed inside the Dome to shine through the high-level windows, showing there is activity inside. This will provide a lighting effect similar to St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The cost is… £40k. So far, we have raised £11k. All commercial funders have links on our website. We have £29k still to go!

The next step is… Negotiate planning permissions. Obtain £29k sponsorship from individuals and commercial business.

Can you help? Sponsorship needed

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Graphically enhanced photo by Mark Proctor showing the effect of the illumination

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