St Sabbas, Abbot

Sabbas Sanctified1

Commemorated at Low Masses and at Lauds in the Breviarium Romanum today is St Sabbas.

A Cappodocian, when young he fled a family quarrel and became a monk at various places in the Judaean Desert in the Holy Land. He eventually founded a famous lavra there, which was named Mar Saba after him and which has been a functioning monastery from his time to the present day.

Sabbas was born at Mutalaska, near Caesarea of Cappadocia, the son of John, a military commander, and Sophia in 439. Patriarch Salustius of Jerusalem ordained him in 491 and appointed him archimandrite of all the monasteries in Palaestina Prima in 494. Sabbas composed the first monastic rule of church services, the so-called Jerusalem Typikon, for guidance of all the Byzantine monasteries. He died in the year 532.

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