Master of Ceremonies continued.


Last week we took our first look at the MC, and this week we will continue looking at some of the aspects to a good MC! It is often said that a good MC is invisible! This may seem a bit contradictory considering he is supposed to be in charge of the proceedings! However, to be invisible is extremely important to the smooth flowing of the ceremony. The Mass is the unbloody sacrifice of Calvary, and nothing should distract from this. Hence it is, that the MC should direct discreetly, remembering that he is not conducting any ordinary event, but serving upon the altar of Our Lord! His movements should be just enough to be seen by the other servers but not by anyone else!

Ultimately our hearts should be only turned towards God during the Mass.


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Calling interested boys and men from age 5. Would you like the privilege of serving the traditional Mass at the Altar of God? You will be amazed at the variety of roles necessary. Watch at close hand. No experience necessary.

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