Master of Ceremonies.


Today we take our first look at the role of Master of Ceremonies, commonly known as MC. The MC is so called, because he is in complete charge of the ceremony.

The liturgical writers mention many attributes which an MC must posses, but perhaps the most important of these is humility. If the MC is a layman, as is the common custom in parish churches, this must be especially practiced by the MC. The reason for this is simple and clear: as MC, he is given the honour of standing by the side of the priest for the duration of the Mass, whilst Our Lord is present less than a few inches away!!

Indeed, there is much to be argued for, that an MC consumed with personal pride, can never be a good MC.  The immense privilege of hearing the quiet prayers of the Canon of the Mass whilst being able to adore his Saviour upon the Altar table is a profoundly incredible moment, and one never to be forgotten.

Next week we will take a further look at the MC’s role upon the altar.


Title Picture: The MC holds the book for the the Bishop to recite the prayers at the foot of the altar.

(Cover Picture taken and reproduced by Philip Chidell)

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